About the Halloween Expert

I’ve been a lover of Halloween for as long as I can remember. Which wouldn’t be very significant if it weren’t for the fact that (a) I’m getting on a bit now, so it’s actually a long time, and (b) I live in the UK.
B is important to consider because Halloween has had a tumultuous time on the British Isles. Although it was the birthplace of Halloween (in different forms) we’ve struggled to come to terms with it in modern times with religion and commercialisation giving it a bad reputation.

I’ve made it my goal to carry the flag for Halloween in the UK and encourage everyone here to learn about it, and not be afraid to celebrate it.

I’m an avid blogger on the UK’s foremost Halloween site – Halloweenerrific and am also an editor for a number of other related sites. Halloween is never far from my mind and is always in my heart.

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